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Blog / Thursday, July 6th, 2017

They say that the hardest part about starting a blog (or anything, really) is actually sitting down and beginning to type what is on your mind. Well… it’s the truth! But I’m hoping that this first short blog post will be the catalyst that will enable me to create a few more blog posts in this series with a little more ease. I am going to be keeping these posts fairly short.

I am an educator, and I teach 7th & 8th grade students math. Math is one of those subjects that is quite unpopular with a lot of people, especially kids, unfortunately. Ever since I began teaching a little over five years ago, my goal was to change the mindset of the kids that I was serving. I wanted them to see and love math as I did – to witness its mysteries alongside its beauty. This was going to be a difficult journey because, for the most part, the kids sitting in front of me were all fed math with the same spoon: drills, memorization, worksheets, single solutions, and the division of students that “got it” to those that “don’t get it.” 

This was a reality about math in classrooms that I wanted to transform.

I started a journey this summer, and I’m really excited about how far I’ve come, where I’m going, and who I hope to be when everything is all said and done.

Below is my initial list of goals that I’d like to ultimately change in order to inspire and help bring out my students’ true potential:

  • Mindset
  • Homework
  • Classroom environment
  • Instruction
  • Activities
  • “Feel free to fail”

It starts with “Freeing Your Mindset!”

I’ve been absolutely hooked on Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets, and her online class (of the same name) is a truly inspiring experience. I will be talking more about this in my second blog post. I have also read Dave Burgess’ Teach Like A Pirate. If you want to transform your classroom into an epic land of learning, then you need to read this book!

Thanks for reading! I’m very excited to share my adventure with you. The second blog post in this series will be posted soon.

Jo Boaler (@joboaler)

Book: Mathematical Mindsets



Dave Burgess (@burgessdave)

Book: Teach Like A Pirate


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