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Blog, EdTech / Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

I have used many online tools for content creation: Canva, Prezi, Blendspace by TES, the G Suite Apps, EdPuzzle – just to name a few. All of them are terrific, and they each have their own special way of making them unique. I was recently given the privilege to play around with and explore the premium version of a new platform: Visme. Well, I’m very excited to announce that I have found a new content-creation tool that I’ll be calling my “go-to site” for a while!

None of the platforms mentioned above can do absolutely everything; however, of all the platforms mentioned, in my opinion, Visme does the best with providing everything that I need (with many awesome features!) all in one place.

So, enough introduction. Let’s get right down to the details in this in-depth review!



Upon logging in, you are presented with a dashboard where all of your Projects are displayed. There are two options to view these Projects: Grid or List. With the Grid view, your projects are ordered by most recent activity. In the List view, you can determine how you would like your Projects to be ordered: Name, Type and Last Edited (these are just 3 of the 9 ways you can sort from List view).


Want something a little more organized than simply listing items in Ascending or Descending order? No problem! Visme allows you to create folders, and you can share entire folders with others as well. 

Presentations, Infographics and Banners! Oh my!

This is where the magic happens! Once you decide to create a Project, you are given three four content categories to choose from:

  • Presentation
  • Infographic
  • Banner
  • Blank (Custom Dimensions)

With your first three options, pre-made templates are displayed and new templates are added frequently. The Banner option provides convenient template options for both Websites & Blogs and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn).

Can You Say “Customize”?

Once you have selected your Presentation, Infographic or Banner, you have two menus on either side of your canvas. You can choose to collapse either menu at any time. The menu on the righthand side allows you to view the outline of your banner or presentation slides. For Presentations, clicking on the “+” icon allows you to select several prebuilt templates. The menu on the lefthand side provides you with all of the features that you can add to your Project. The main categories are the following:

Backgrounds – You are able to select from a quick selection of solid, gradient, and textured backgrounds, or they can customize their own background.

Text – Standard text options, including Titles, Quotes, and Lists are available, as well as Animated Text and Text Blocks.

Shapes – Holy Shapes! You have a HUGE range of options from basic geometric shapes, buildings and landmarks, buttons, and more! In addition to the massive choices, you have the ability to take any shape and customize it’s shape, thickness, color, and orientation/direction.

Images – If the gigantic range of options of Shapes didn’t provide what you were looking for, then perhaps a great range of Images can! You can type in a topic in the Image Search to look for photos that way, or you can upload your own images and store them in My Library for future use.

Charts and Data Widgets – Ok, this section is where I get to geek out! At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be that many options, but when you click on Charts… You get charts: Line Charts, Scatter Plots, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Donuts, and charts that I haven’t even seen before. But that’s only HALF of the fun! If you didn’t geek out with all of the charts, then you’ll definitely geek out with the widgets for sure! In addition to fully customizing the widgets, they are animated! Clocks, Timers, Gauges, and more!

Video – You have an option of inserting a video into your Project by pasting a link into Visme’s video option from either YouTube or Vimeo. Additionally, you have the following options for your video:

  • Show controls bar
  • Auto-play
  • Muted
  • Looped
  • Start at (minutes/seconds)

Audio – Sure, you can add audio to a lot of presentations, but I have found a lot more freedom in my choices of audio in Visme. You have a selection of pre-made audio files (background music) for your slide/Project, but you can also easily add your audio files as well as record your own audio right on the spot!

Embed External Content – I can totally see this being used in a presentation slide: insert your an iframe with content from an external source! You are able to add code directly into your Project and create an iframe with the option to allow scrolling.


If you’re the type that likes to include a little animation here and there by having objects and text fly in from numerous directions – you can definitely do that with Visme as well. You can select anything on your canvas and have the following options for both Entering and Exiting the Stage:

You also have the option to start the animation at a specific time (in seconds) from when either the image or slide loads.

Other presentation tools allow the user to add Enter/Exit animations, and they also provide the option to arrange the order in which those animations occur. Visme gives you a Timeline feature that provides the user the freedom to see all of the objects on one screen, drag-and-drop the objects to rearrange the order, as well as click-and-drag the Start time for when a specific animation is to occur (this is similar to a Timeline feature in a video editor).

Share Your Creation!

Sharing your image/presentation is simple. Clicking on Publish brings up a pop-up box that provides you with the following options:

Share – Your Share settings allows you to control how visible your project is to the rest of the world. Your Project can either be truly public on the web, require a password, or not public at all (only you and those you shared it with can view the project). This tab allows you to make changes to your Project title, provide a description, and copy/paste your Project’s link. You also have the option to submit your project to the Visme Gallery. If you are connected on social media, you can share your Project directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Embed to a Site or Blog – Easily copy and paste your Project into an external site using the code provided for a Responsive or Fixed Width.

Download – There are four options to download your Project:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • HTML (A great option for preserving your animations for offline presentations)

Publish Settings – You have four main options when finalizing your Publish Settings:

  • Social
  • Audio
  • Playback
  • Design

Final Thoughts

My experience with Visme has been truly amazing. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and there are an incredible number of options and customizations that you can utilize to make any pre-made template your own. In addition to the dashboard features, Visme also sends out periodic emails from Payman Taei, Visme’s Founder (@paymantaei), providing resources and design advice.

In a world with new apps and platforms frequently debuting, Visme is truly a breath of fresh air. Be sure to check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

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