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Personal / Sunday, April 2nd, 2017


My name is Paul Dietrich, and I am a teacher at Fairview Middle School in Gonzales, CA. I’ve been meaning to write this introductory blog post  for a while now but just never found the time to sit down and “put my thoughts down on paper”.


Why create a blog?

That’s a good question… A blog has the potential of taking up a lot of your time – it certainly took me more time than I anticipated to write this first introductory post, but I have a deep passion for something that I really want to share with the rest of the education community. I have always been interested in computers and technology, but Educational Technology (EdTech) is a new-found passion that I’m very excited to explore.

Thank you to those that read this blog, and thank you to those that simply dropped by for a look-see. I’ll be writing about my passion for EdTech and Education, and my hope is that something stirs within you to drive your own passions and ambitions.

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