Free Your Mindset – Part 3

Whew! I’m finally able to sit and put my thoughts down on digital paper! I’m excited to say that one of my classes made a huge breakthrough, and this breakthrough was incredibly important for all of us. Let me give you some background info… My 7th period class has 35

Free Your Mindset – Part 2

In my introductory post titled Free Your Mindset (located here:, I explained that I would be trying something drastically new in the classroom: attempting to implement a full-blown growth mindset mentality in my 7th and 8th grade math classes using Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets as my foundation. I had never done anything

Free Your Mindset

They say that the hardest part about starting a blog (or anything, really) is actually sitting down and beginning to type what is on your mind. Well… it’s the truth! But I’m hoping that this first short blog post will be the catalyst that will enable me to create a

Visme – Create Awesome!

I have used many online tools for content creation: Canva, Prezi, Blendspace by TES, the G Suite Apps, EdPuzzle – just to name a few. All of them are terrific, and they each have their own special way of making them unique. I was recently given the privilege to play around

GameShow by Knowledgehook

  GAMIFY YOUR ASSESSMENTS There’s three days left in the school year, all of your grading is done, so what else is there left to do? Experiment with EdTech in your classes of course! I was contacted by Knowledgehook, an online EdTech software company, to give GameShow a try. It was

Welcome to Dietrichucation!

Hello! My name is Paul Dietrich, and I am a teacher at Fairview Middle School in Gonzales, CA. I’ve been meaning to write this introductory blog post  for a while now but just never found the time to sit down and “put my thoughts down on paper”. So… Why create